Top 10 Digital Marketing Tips for 2018

Top 10 Digital Marketing Tips for 2018

by Matt Trice August. 23, 17 3 Comments

These top 10 digital marketing tips for 2018 will help you out whether you are just beginning your online journey with your first website or you are a seasoned online business developer. Digital marketing is constantly changing and the things that worked a year ago might not be what your target audience is needing to stay engaged today. Take a look through these tips and put them to good use and I bet you will see a marked increase across the board.


Blogging is the #1 digital marketing tip

Blogging is still the #1 tactic to use in 2017

The number one thing for this top 10 digital marketing tips list is any digital marketer must realize is the importance of running a blog. A blog is the perfect tool to not only share what is going within your organization but also the perfect tool to attract new customers. The problem that most websites will have is not being ranked highly enough within search engines for their target market to find them. The best way, in 2018, to increase your SERPs (search engine results page) is by including a blog on your website. By starting a blog you can target so many keywords that you wish to rank for because you can write as many blog articles as you want. Each blog article can be specifically tailored to a certain keyword or group of keywords that you wish to target, thus increasing your visibility to the search engines robot that crawl your pages. With the proper link building strategy, which I will get into later in this post, you can connect all your related articles together. What this will do for your page is not only beneficial for your marketing but also beneficial to your sales since your target audience will spend more time bouncing from article to article within your blog. Once they touch on something that really compels them they will be able to purchase what you are selling right then and there from your blog. This is why it is also important to have call-to-action in every blog. The call to action lets users know what you want them to do next, buy the product you are reviewing in the blog post, sign up to your newsletter for more tips about the subject of the blog post, you name it! This will help drive your sales funnel and increase your revenue. The other issue is letting your blog go stale. A blog won’t do any good if the last article posted was from 2011. You have got to update your blog regularly to keep it fresh with current topics. I would suggest at the minimum of one article a week. The article doesn’t have to be long to be effective but the longer articles do seem to get more attention from social media. If you write one article a week try to make one a month that is a “pillar” article of around 2500 words in length. So to sum up, the benefits of including a blog on your website are, increase your visibility to search engines through keyword specific articles, keep your target market at your site, promote more click-through on your call-to-action.

2. Content Marketing

Having good content is essential to making the blog that you start a success and not just something that all your target users skip over in Facebook (more on using social media later). Your content needs to do one of a few things to make it sharable. It needs to address some question or concern of your target market, offer an in-depth analysis of something that your target market is interested in, or offer a unique take on an issue that is relevant to your target market.

Quality content is what gets users engaged

You must address one of these three components to be deemed worth the time of your target market. One of the pitfalls I have seen several blogs make is that they do one of these things but don’t back up what they are saying with, well, anything! If you are going for an in-depth analysis piece then you had better be able to convince your target market that you know what you are talking about. The best, and easiest, way to do this is to let someone else do the research for you! There are countless studies on that you can find for almost all content that you would be marketing for. It is best to use these studies to prove your point so that the person reading your article knows that you aren’t just making things up that support your theory. Use graphs and charts to illustrate your points. The old maxim holds true that a picture is worth a thousand words, especially when in digital marketing.

3. Be Mobile Friendly

The year is 2018 if your website isn’t dynamic and set up to be not only viewed but optimized on mobile devices then you are way behind the times. With everyone having a phone in their pocket if you are not able to compete on that platform you are missing out on a whole lot of traffic, which leads to missing out on likes and shares, which leads to slow growth, which leads to loss of sales ….. you see where I am going with this? From personal experience even my 70 year old mother doesn’t plop down at her desk top to do her online shopping any more! She uses her new tablet, that I bought her for Christmas a few years ago from my tablet! I bet 9 out of 10 people reading this article are doing so from a mobile device, no I cannot see you snuggled on your couch with your phone researching. The world of digital marketing has changed and you have got to go mobile to even be a contender now. I would recommend using as many devices as you can get your hands on to view your site and seeing how it looks across all platforms. One of the easiest ways to correct this problem, if you currently have a website that is not optimized for mobile, is to find a free WordPress theme that has it already built in. If that is over your head you can get in touch with a digital marketing agency that can make the switch for you. Like this one. In summary, go mobile or miss out on more than you care to miss out on.

4. Link Building

I referenced earlier in this article that if you do this right you can really soar to the top of the rankings in search engines. It is has been and remains one of the top ways to increase your SERP over time.

If you want more search engine traffic, link building is a must. – Brian Dean, Backlinko.com

There are several ways to go about link building and I won’t go into the nitty gritty of those in this post but if you want some further insight just check out this other blog post. The basics are this: within your blog link to as many of your other relevant blog posts as possible. That is for internal link building. It makes it so none of your post pages are orphan pages, search engines don’t like orphan pages. Since you should be linking to your post within your actual website it really shouldn’t be an issue anyway but it never hurts to add more internal links as long as they are relevant to what is being discussed. The other strategy is to build external links. What this means is that you get other websites to start linking to your pages or blog posts. You want to be careful who is linking to your site though since if a link comes from a spammy website or one the wrong side of the search engines algorithm it might actually hurt you. I cover that more in depth in my link building article as well. One of the easiest ways I have found to build quality backlinks is to find an authority and just ask them for a link back to your relevant content that supports theirs. I know this might be hard from some online marketers as many tend to be introverts and don’t want to communicate with other sites but it is really as easy as putting together a well written e-mail stating why the other site should link back to yours. The worst that can happen is they say no and you don’t get a link. But if they say yes than you now have a high quality link that will help you out tremendously with page rankings and if the article from the other site is a popular one you will see a big boost in your traffic.

5. Know Your Target Audience

Knowing you target audience is huge when it comes to completing all the other tips within this Top 10 Digital Marketing Tips section. You could spend all day writing great content, building backlinks, using social media to get the word out, and you still wouldn’t get the increase in traffic that you were expecting. The reason is that if you aren’t speaking directly to your target audience than none of the rest matters because they aren’t getting your message and the folks that are getting your message won’t care about it since they aren’t your target audience! You need to do the research to find out where your target market hangs out online. You can do this research in a many different ways. I personally like to let Amazon do the work for me and extrapolate the data that they have on related products. If someone is interested in safety razor shaving and Amazon pairs a badger hair brush with that then I know that if my target market is people that use safety razors then they might also be interested in badger hair brushes. Now that I know that I can look around forums and Facebook for groups relating to badger hair brushes, look up articles that feature badger hair brushes and look at the comments. That is just one way to see where the target audience spends time online and there are countless others. Use what makes sense to you, but certainly nail this down. Once you have this nailed down you will be able to share and post your exceptionally well informed and engaging content where your target audience will see it.

6. Use Multimedia

Multimedia gets your digital marketing in front of new audiences

This is one that I really don’t see enough of outside of the world of digital marketing itself. There are countless videos on how to do digital marketing on YouTube but I think that most businesses outside of that niche aren’t taking advantage enough. Making videos for your business should become a monthly routine at a minimum. They don’t have to be fancy, but that helps, to be engaging. There are all types of videos you can post to YouTube and link back to your site. You can post these videos within your blog posts to help up your rankings with search engine. There are just so many uses for these videos as well. Tutorial videos are the new rage in 2018 so if your business is the expert at something, teach others how you do it! You can use these videos as part of your sales funnel to get the viewers of your videos to buy into what you are doing for more instructional videos or to purchase the products used in the videos. There really are endless ways to capitalize on multimedia projects. And videos are just one avenue of multimedia! You can create eye catching and informative infographics that are so shareable people have a hard time not posting those on Facebook. Infographics are basically you telling a story through facts with illustrations. If you hit on something that your target market is really interested in or didn’t know you better believe that is getting shared with all their friends that share that interest.

7. Use Social Media Wisely

Should you use social media? Absolutely, but be careful what you post. After you have written a piece reread it a few times. Make sure there are no spelling errors, grammatical errors, and in this modern age make sure it is not inflammatory, unless that is what you are going for. Think about all the celebrity’s with twitter accounts that have to remove posts and apologize for what they said in the heat of the moment. They already have a successful brand so alienating a few people doesn’t mean much to them as their base is solid. If you are just starting out you don’t want to begin by alienating a group of your target market with inflammatory words. Yes, your posts should sound like you and you can develop your own writing style if you do the blogging yourself. However, there is a fine line between witty and rude. All that aside you have to leverage social media to your advantage. The big contenders here are Facebook and Twitter.Social Media is crucial to digital marketing strategy I would suggest every business using these tools to get their message out. It is such an easy and convenient way to get your blog posts in front of your target audience that it is too good to pass up. As I said earlier in this post you must learn where your target market hangs out online. What if there is a sub Reddit that is perfect for an article you wrote and you know your target market checks up on that sub Reddit? Post it there! But the same article might not make sense to also be posted your LinkedIn profile as the user base for these two services tend to be looking for different things. Then don’t post it to that social media site. Another way to get your message out to your target audience is…

8. E-mail Marketing and List Building

E-Mail Marketing should be a part of your Digital MarketingE-mail marketing is a great way to keep up with your target audience. And you know that they are interested in what you have to offer because they have signed up for your e-mail list in the first place. A great way to do this more effectively is by segmenting your e-mail list into groups based on the feedback that you have been provided and make more personalized e-mails based upon what that segment of your list has been asking for. You can do this by highlighting the changes or additions you have made to your site by including the issues that a group of users has brought up in the past. Another great option for e-mail marketing is by conducting simple tests to see which e-mails are working. Set up two different e-mails and send them out to a wide array of users and see which one gets more follow up. This will show you which style works best for your target audience. Another issue is sticking to your schedule. If you send out an e-mail and it is generates a ton of interest it might be tempting to send out another one with similar style and features too soon. People don’t want to be bombarded with your e-mails so if you say it will be a weekly e-mail newsletter than do not exceed one e-mail per week.

9. Long Tail Keywords

I don’t think I can stress this enough but targeting long tail keywords is the way to go. They generally have lower competition which is great and the people that are searching long tail keywords generally know what they are looking for and are ready to make a purchase. The competition side alone should be enough for every business owner to target long tail keywords in their SEO for each page. By targeting long tail keywords you will be targeting keywords that have a lower search volume but those searches are going to yield a higher purchase percentage because you are offering exactly what they are looking for. Here’s an example of how this works. Say you are selling vintage and classic movie posters. Instead of targeting the keyword “posters” or even “movie poster” you target the keywords “vintage John Wayne movie poster.” Granted that more people are going to be searching for the terms “movie poster” than “vintage John Wayne movie poster,” but the point is that by targeting a more specific keyword the user that does end up finding you will see that you have exactly what he is looking for and make a purchase from you. This example holds true for all areas. Don’t neglect the long tail keywords and they will quickly become your #1 source of traffic and purchases.

10. Analyze Everything

The last point is one of the most important. You need to track and analyze every piece of data you can get your hands on. This is where digital marketing is less of an art and more of a science. If you track everything than it is easy to see what is working and what is not. Once you make these discoveries it is easy to not repeat the same mistakes and focus on what is working for you and your business. The most basic tracking software can really help with this, Google Analytics. You can even install plug-ins in your website admin dashboard so you can keep everything in one place. There is no excuse not to track as much data as possible because this is what is going to keep you accelerating towards success.


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