Link Building Strategy in 2018

Link Building Strategy in 2018

by Matt Trice September. 12, 17 3 Comments
Link Building Strategy in 2017

Link Building Strategy in 2018

Link building is one of the top ways to get a higher ranking with search engines. There are several ways to go about developing a link building strategy in 2018,  but I will cover my top 3 favorites in this post. If you want a complete list of the Top 10 Digital Marketing strategies for 2018 then check out this post. Let’s dive in:

  1. Internal link building

    Make the most of the pages you already have.

You probably already have pages on your website and blog if you are looking for ways to build links. These pages and blog posts are the low hanging fruit for link building. What you want to do is to essential create a web of backlinks within your pages and posts to your other pages and posts. If you notice in the preface to this section I did just this with my Top 10 Digital Marketing Strategies for 2018 post.

Don’t merely link for the sake of linking. Instead, link to content that is relevant to the source context. – Neil Patel, QuickSprout

How you do it is if a topic in one blog post is mentioned in another blog post that you have already done then link to it within your post. This will do a couple things for you. One, it will provide high quality links to all your posts because they will be extremely relevant to the other posts. Two, it will allow your users to jump through all your content with ease. By making it easy for users to see all your content they will stay on your page longer and will increase the opportunity you have to get them to act on your call-to-actions. This also always you the ability to insert some additional keywords that you would like to start ranking for and makes you mindful to use these terms in as many posts as possible. But don’t overdo this because then it will read odd to the users even if it looks great to the crawlers. You don’t write for the crawlers you write for the users.

  1. Ask People

    Building relationships will help you build links.

This is still the second easiest way to build quality links into your link building strategy in 2018 . Unless you are 100% isolated in the world than you probably know some people. If any of these people have a blog or website ask them for a link to your website. Once you have tapped out your friend circle it is time to start widening your friend circle so you can continue to ask your new friends. I am not telling you to go on blind dates or join a social group to make friends, but if you want to then go for it. I am telling you to broaden your friend circle online with the people that are doing what you are trying to do. Search for industry specific groups online and start getting involved. Have a conversation with someone, comment on an article someone wrote, if someone has a question try to get them your best answer. These types of things are the building blocks to getting your new friends to feel comfortable linking back to your site from theirs. You can offer to guest blog post on their blog if they will let you link back to your site within the post. These sorts of posts can be very high quality if the blog you are posting to has either a) a lot of readers or b) the readers will find the content on your blog relevant or better yet both a and b. You can also use what are known as resource pages for this.

  1. Finding Broken Links

    Add value to someone’s blog and they might repay you with a link.

This is a favorite link building strategy in 2018, since what you are doing actually adds to the quality of the page that you are asking to give you a link. Here’s what you do:

    1. Install a program like LinkChecker
    2. Find a site or post with lots of links that might be relevant to your topic
    3. run LinkChecker
    4. If there are any broken links within the article that are relevant to your posts you have an opportunity.

So now that you have found a broken link within an article, post, or page that if they were to link to your site instead of this broken link your content would serve a purpose for the article that the link came from and you would get a backlink to your site! What you want to do is, very kindly, bring to the attention of the site owner that there is a broken link within their article, post, whatever. Point this out and then give them a brief pitch about your article and see if they would like to change their link from the broken link to an active link to your article. Include everything you need to make it easy for them to simply change out the link address and you might see a bunch of links start popping up to your site.

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