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Can you get my website to number 1 in Google in three months?

This is tough one. We can’t guarantee that you will reach #1 in Google, for some keywords, in 3 months and no other marketing agency can do that either. If a marketing company guarantees a number one spot in Google than run the other way, they can’t. This all really depends on what keywords you target. Say for instance you target a keyword such as “Puppy dog costumes that will look good on Jupiter and other gaseous giants” we can probably get you to number one in Google for that one. But if you target “Puppy” we will most likely not get you to the top of Google within three months. The reason is that the first phrase doesn’t have any competition. By targeting this key word you might be the only site that has that phrase verbatim in it so you will reach number one quickly. What we can do is show a marked improvement on the keywords that are relevant and help you decide what to target.

Is your ``free`` site analysis really free?

Absolutely! We wouldn’t call it free if we didn’t mean it. We will even give you some tips for free on what you can improve on and how to do it! If you sign up for our newsletter we include new and current tips delivered right to your inbox every week!  The reason we do this is because we want you to succeed and we know that if our strategies work for you, then you might want to partner with us to implement those strategies and continue to assist you with your online marketing needs.

Can you help me with just setting up on page SEO?

Of course we can, that’s what we do! If you take a look at our plans you will see under the enterprise plan that we take on small jobs as well. While we would love to partner with you for the long haul and continuously assist you with your SEO, among all our other services, we can set you up for success and turn the reins back over to you to move forward. Just remember we are still here if you need some help in the future.

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