Covid-19 Real Estate Digital Marketing

Covid-19 Real Estate Digital Marketing

by Matt Trice May. 14, 20 3 Comments

I was recently asked what I thought the role of digital marketing would be in the realm of real estate agents during the covid-19 pandemic. I was asked this as I am a real estate agent in training and they wanted to emphasize the role of in-person meetings to close sales. I found myself totally agreeing with the IT manager that digital marketing, within the real estate world, will become an integral part of business soon. I was disagreeing with some of the more experienced agents that in-person meetings were still going to be the norm. This was prior to the covid-19 outbreak. After the covid-19 outbreak I have seen younger agents double down on digital marketing and I have seen the more seasoned veterans of the industry struggle to understand how to use digital marketing to its fullest potential. Basically the covid-19 pandemic has pushed the industry forward by about 10 years and everyone is realizing the importance of digital marketing. Here’s how you can capitalize on the trend and stay on top.



  1. Use Facebook ads correctly
    1. It may sound simple to just say use Facebook. Its a duh, kind of statement. You already know to use Facebook because it is still the top social media preferred by people in the home buying demographic. The problem arises that many realtors and real estate agents do not know how to use it properly. You need to do several things to be successful in Facebook ads. I go to into the topic even deeper with my article about Facebook advertising for real estate agents here. But here are the basics. Use geolocating. Use targeted ads to demographics. Use an A and B testing systems. If you are unclear on any of these terms you need to learn the basics in this article here.
  2. Blog Smart
    1. Once again, I feel like I am saying another DUH! Statement here. You need to blog, and you already know this. But you might not know how to blog smart for real estate. You need to focus on your keywords and you really need to spend the time or money to keyword research. It’s the same when it comes to any blog but it’s especially true if you’re in real estate. You must spend the time to determine what your target market is typing into that search bar of Google when they are ready to buy a house, sell a house, rent a house, find an estimate…. You see what I am doing here? These are all long tail keywords that you could capitalize on if you DID KEYWORD RESEARCH! Feel free to get in touch with me and I can help you do this. It is my specialty.
  3. Invest in some good (not the best) quality AV equipment.
    1. During covid-19 and after people are going to need to see what a house looks like and get the concept of the space without seeing it. If you are using your facetime iPhone app to film houses you are wrong…. You are just straight wrong. Don’t mean to seem pretentious but the iPhone, even the new one with the great film lenses, is not a camera in full definition with a prime lens. You need to get a gimble at the very least so everything isn’t so shaky. I would also tell you to get a green screen to put behind you so you can do a digital walk through of a home in your home. Yes, that’s right, with a green screen you could walk someone through a house without actually being there. That’s the best for both real estate agent and client. But you will need to do an excellent job of filming in 3D to be able to do it! So more specialized equipment is needed. These are all great options and I would suggest purchasing middle of the pack equipment to do it. You aren’t making the third installment of Avatar here and this isn’t a video your grandma took of your nephew blowing bubbles. Its meant to convey what the space is without any effects.

So, in closing what I am telling you is that working as a real estate agent has changes a bit from a couple months ago. Is that a bad thing? Depends on how you use digital marketing. Get in touch and I can show you how or answering any questions you might have.

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