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Ohana Marketing was created out of the love for marketing. Every consultant and freelancer at Ohana Marketing shares the passion of digital marketing.  We had become dissatisfied with seeing friends and family that started businesses with great ideas have their dreams crumble at their feet because no one knew what a great concept or product they had. We knew that we could help with this and created Ohana Marketing specifically with helping friends and family grow their business. Ohana Marketing has been helping family and friends launch new business ideas with great success for several years now. We wish we could take full credit that it was only the marketing techniques that made these business’ succeed but we really just got the word out and spread the word as far as we could. Turns out that if you have a good idea or product people want to hear about it and success naturally follows.  Ohana is Hawaiian for family and that is exactly who we have been helping in the past. We are broadening our scope and are looking to enlarge our Ohana by taking on some clients that will have a huge value added to their small business or local business by partnering with us and that we can treat like family.

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